In the Presence of Horses
Imagine mental health counseling that offers an innovative, interactive alternative to traditional office therapy....
Welcome to In the Presence of Horses!

In the Presence of Horses, located in a serene country
setting in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, is a private psychotherapy
practice serving children, adolescents and adults, (individuals
and families) addressing a variety of mental health and human
development needs.
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I provide my services to the highest ethical standards and my relationships with my clients are strictly confidential. As such, I must inform you that
the information provided in this Website is offered for informational purposes only; it is not offered as and does not constitute professional advice.
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In the Presence of Horses uses two highly effective modalities of therapy: Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy [EAP]
and Animal Assisted Therapy [AAT].

   Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a rapidly growing , dynamic
approach to doing therapy where horses are incorporated in mental health
treatment to help people with a variety of behavioral and psychological
challenges. EAP is a powerful and highly effective approach that has an
incredible impact on clients.

  Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a component of traditional office
therapy. A therapy dog may be part of the treatment team to help facilitate positive
changes for clients. AAT has been shown to work effectively in building trust,
reducing anxiety, and helping people express feelings. Research is now
corroborating that AAT can promote physical, emotional, cognitive, and social
improvement for adults and children with special needs.

Susan Byrne, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive
background and training in the EAP and AAT modalities. She currently practices
in Grass Valley, CA and Auburn, CA. She is certified by EAGALA (Equine Assisted
Growth and Learning Association) as an advanced level practitioner and has
worked in the field of EAP and AAT for several years. She initiated an Animal
Assisted Therapy program for a major mental health agency in Placer County
and introduced her program to schools and other practitioners in the area.
Susan Byrne, MFT with Equine Staff
13129 Arthur Way      Grass Valley, CA  95949    (530) 205-8197  email:
“Horses lend us the wings we lack”

              - Unknown
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